Information for Sponsors


How to get involved?

  • Create a new APEC-branded scholarship: Fund university or graduate-level academic study for students within the APEC region to pursue cross-border education. Sponsors (whether governments, private companies, or schools) should provide scholarship details, e.g., level of study, type and amount of funds provided, eligibility requirements, selection criteria and application information, on their own website that candidates can access (see template). Sponsors should include the words "APEC" and "Scholarship" in the title of the scholarship.


  • Create a new APEC-branded internship/training program: Fund participation in an internship or training program for students or professionals within the APEC region to pursue cross-border training. This can be a corporate internship, or government or privately-funded training program. Sponsors should provide details, e.g., specific company or school, location, field of training, eligibility and selection criteria, and application information, on their own website (see template). The title should include the words "APEC" and "Internship/Training."


  • Re-brand existing scholarships, internships, or training programs: Convert existing scholarships and internships into "APEC" programs that target students and professionals from APEC economies.


What do APEC Scholarship or Internship sponsors need to do?
Sponsors are expected to agree to: (a) fund a student from one APEC economy to study at a university or graduate-school in another APEC economy; or (b) fund an internship/training opportunity for a student or professional from one APEC economy to train in another APEC economy. Sponsors should create a website providing details of the program.


Who can create an APEC Scholarship or Internship?
Sponsors should be from an APEC member economy and can include governments, private sector companies, universities, foundations, and other non-government organizations and institutions.


How much would it cost to fund a scholarship or internship?
Each sponsor determines the amount and duration of funding it wants to provide. A scholarship can provide partial or full funding of tuition or other costs related to travel and living expenses. Sponsors may also provide a stipend in the case of a corporate internship. Sponsors are encouraged to provide sufficient funding to allow applicants with financial needs from developing economies to travel to and study/train in another APEC economy.


What levels and fields of study are eligible for APEC Scholarships?
Each sponsor determines the academic level or field of study or area of training for which they would like to offer a scholarship or internship. They can also decide to accept applicants at various levels or in various fields.


Are there eligibility requirements or selection criteria for applicants?
Each sponsor may establish its own eligibility requirements and selection criteria for applicants, as appropriate. These can include language ability, academic qualifications, selected APEC economies, and so on. We encourage sponsors to prioritize scholarships/internships for women and applicants from developing APEC economies.


Can previously existing programs be considered APEC Scholarships?
Yes. Sponsors may convert and re-brand existing programs into "APEC Scholarships/Internships" as long as they are designed to enable applicants from an APEC member economy to study or train in another APEC economy.


What are the continuing responsibilities of a sponsor?
Sponsors will manage every aspect of their scholarships/internships from start to finish. To begin, sponsors will create an APEC-branded scholarship and a webpage that displays the details of the program and application instructions. They will be responsible for handling all applications and sustaining their programs in the years ahead.


What are the benefits to sponsoring an APEC scholarship or internship?
A scholarship or internship opportunity can help establish a better skilled workforce and lifelong customers. It can also be a direct stepping stone toward a career in the company. Sponsors may also highlight their contribution as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility portfolios. Sponsored opportunities will be highlighted in public remarks and press releases during APEC Leaders' Week, and will be advertised on the APEC website.


What is the role of APEC?
APEC Leaders endorsed this initiative in Beijing in November 2014. The APEC Secretariat with the support of the United States maintains a directory of scholarships and internships on the APEC website at APEC is committed to working with current and new sponsors to continue to publicize and sustain this ongoing initiative.


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