About the APEC Scholarship Initiative


What is it?

  • The United States, with eight other APEC economies, launched the APEC Scholarship Initiative to promote the creation of privately and publicly funded APEC-branded scholarship, training, and internship opportunities to benefit students and professionals, especially youth and women from developing APEC economies.


  • Scholarships support APEC Leaders' target of one million intra-APEC university-level students per year by 2020. They enable balanced and inclusive growth within and across the region, expand people-to-people exchanges, forge stronger regional ties, and enhance APEC’s reputation.


  • These opportunities contribute to strengthening the workforce in the APEC region and creating a new generation of leaders with the skills necessary to address the shared global challenges of the 21st century.


For questions:

Please contact dosapec@state.gov or +1-202-647-8816